Rates for Services

Service Codes and Pricing

90791 Intake Session (60-90 min) - $200.00

90837 Therapy Session (60 min) - $150.00

90834 Therapy Session (45 min) - $125.00

90832 Therapy Session (30 min) - $100.00

90847 Couples Session/Family Session (90 min) - $175.00

90853 Group Session (90 min) - $125.00

*A discount will be applied to full cash pay clients who pay their bill at time of service.

*Phone calls longer than 15 minutes and therapeutic in nature will be billed accordingly.

Financial Hardship

It is the policy of ClariDhi Counseling, PLLC to make every reasonable attempt to meet a client’s need regardless of their ability to pay. ClariDhi Counseling, PLLC offers a limited number of Reduced-Fee Scholarships to clients to ensure they are able to access services during lapses in insurance, financial hardship, or other extenuating circumstances agreed upon by client and therapist. This is a time limited service that required discussion with therapist and signed contract. A Good Faith Estimate will be provided.