Clinical Supervision

I am an Approved Supervisor in the state of Washington for Associates level Mental Health Counselor's pursuing licensure in this state. I have met the requirements of WAC 246-809-234 to qualify as an approved supervisor. This means I have completed 15 clock hours of training in clinical supervision with over 25 hours of experience in supervision of clinical practice.

I am also available to provide supervision for licensed individuals that would like to seek outside consultation/support. Clinicians pursuing their LICSW are able to receive up to 50 hours of supervision by an approved LMHC supervisor as well, and I have experience working with both MH Counseling and Social Work candidates.

I approach supervision utilizing the Integrative Developmental Model (IDM) of supervision. This posits that there are 3 stages to counselor development: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Through supervision, we help you to move through these in domains including self/other awareness, motivation, and autonomy. We look at your intervention skills, competence, assessment techniques, documentation, and professional ethics, as well as other areas that impact you as you develop your own counseling style. I also use aspects of Solution-Focused and Cognitive supervision approaches. More information can be provided on this if requested.

My job is not to convince you to counsel like me, but to help you learn how to best counsel like you. I bring the same authentic and compassionate demeanor to these sessions, knowing my job is to help you increase your skills and efficacy in the field. This means acknowledging your strengths while providing honest feedback regarding your areas for growth. During the supervision experience, I will take on different roles at different times, including teacher, consultant, counselor, and evaluator.

Supervision is provided on a telehealth platform. You will be provided with a supervision contract that outlines both supervisor and supervisee rights and responsibilities. I will be keeping notes on supervision and provide you with appropriate paperwork to complete your licensure application once you've met the requirements. I am able to provide up to two hours of supervision weekly.

I am listed as an approved supervisor on the Washington Department of Health Website, which can be found at:

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Supervisee Testimonials

“Jess was one of my supervisors and she was very supportive and able to help answer any clinical questions I had. She also was great at helping me build my confidence as a clinician. She was always very considerate and respectful and also willing to help push me out of my comfort zone so I can be as good of a counselor as possible. She is a wonderful supervisor and I would highly recommend her!”

- Rachel Werner, LMHCA, SUDPT

"I was supervised by Jess for nine months and it was a wonderful experience. As a supervisor she would help me learn and guide me to grow and sharpen my skills as a Clinician. She would provide me with positive criticism and feedback that I could learn from and move forward. She is understanding and a wonderful supervisor. I highly recommend her!"

- Suzie Bertholic-Liljenberg, LMHCA

"Jess was my supervisor for my graduate program. We worked along side each other for the duration of about a year, and she kept me motivated and excited to learn new techniques as a partnership in my learning. I attempted to perform clinic documentation as I was instructed, however I was not able to fully perform at the level we wanted. Jess was able to understand how my mind worked and changed how she described the information resulting in better comprehension and the ability to meet expectations. All information that I took to Jess in confidence stayed between us and she was consistent in protecting the environment so that I did not need to feel embarrassed or worried. Jess was able to be my advocate and my safe space to bounce professional goals. At all times authenticity and transparency was taught and appreciated, Jess helped me to see aspects of personality that both help and hold me back professionally and brought this information to my attention in a non-threatening manner so that I was aware, and I was able to take action for the benefit of my personal growth. Jess was compassionate at all times and she was aware of how I was receiving information so that it was presented in a way that was professional and empowering, even if the information was corrective. Constructive criticism was a part of my learning that was motivating and did not feel demeaning."

-Sarah La Fountaine, MSW

Supervision Rates

I currently charge $100 per hour for supervision that is provided via telehealth. This can be on a weekly, biweekly, monthly basis.

Supervision for those already licensed is provided at the same rate and can be scheduled on an as needed basis. I am flexible in scheduling to accommodate a variety of work schedules.

I am able to provide a unique perspective as I am also a Substance Use Disorder Professional, but I do not supervise specifically for SUDPT's. My supervisor qualifications allow me to work with mental health counselors and social workers.