Authentic and Empowering Virtual Counseling Services

Welcome to ClariDhi Counseling, PLLC

You may be going through a life transition that is difficult to navigate, or maybe you've been struggling for some time. Either way, asking for help is a vulnerable choice, and accepting help is a brave one. By reaching out for support, you are taking steps to improve your life and reach your goals.
I am here to help you on your path.

person holding white ceramic mugs
person holding white ceramic mugs

What is ClariDhi?

At ClariDhi Counseling, PLLC, I provide virtual Mental Health and Substance assessment and counseling to clients seeking to improve their lives and enhance their overall functioning. In providing a safe and judgement-free space to explore your personal goals, I can help you reduce the negative impact of your mental health symptoms, improve your self-confidence, and strengthen your ability to cope with life challenges that come your way.

My mission is to help clients feel hope and find healing. I believe this is done through a partnership between counselor and client that helps to challenge unhelpful perspectives, creating a sense of clarity. The practice name, ClariDhi, is a play on words, encompassing the Sanskrit word "Dhi," which holds several meanings--all related to the activities of the mind. To say that it means understanding, imagination, or true knowing does not totally encompass the concept. Dhi also refers to the power of instinct and intuition. I believe that you already contain within you everything needed to be healthy and fulfilled, acknowledging that part of the therapist role is to help you discover how to trust yourself.

I use a holistic approach specifically tailored to each client to meet your individual needs. Whether you're seeking treatment for trauma, anxiety, depression, couples counseling, or just to enhance your coping skills or manage your stress, I can help you in achieving your goals.


Trauma Counseling
Anxiety Counseling
Depression Counseling

We utilize evidenced-based therapy techniques, including Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) to help clients process through stored trauma, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and move forward from past traumas in an adaptive manner.

Our anxiety counseling involves providing psychoeducation, teaching strategies to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety, and provides tools to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that perpetuate the cycle.

Our depression counseling services offer guidance and tools for navigating and overcoming feelings of sadness and hopelessness, lack of motivation, self-injurious behaviors, and suicidal thoughts.

Substance Counseling

Are you noticing negative impacts from your use of alcohol or drugs, or maybe wanting to explore how limiting your consumption could benefit you? We provide ASAM assessments to determine the impacts substance is having in your life, and determine a recommended level of care for treatment.

Couples Counseling
Clinical Mental Health Supervision

Partner Relationships are a large source of joy, as well as stress. We utilize Gottman techniques and evidenced-based assessments to help you determine your strengths as a couple, as well as areas you may improve. Find support through learning to communicate more effectively and reach common goals as a couple.

We believe that by empowering new counselors to find their niche, supporting them in their personal, professional, and ethical development, and helping to ensure that they understand the importance of their role as a therapist, we can deeply impact a far greater range of clients. We offer affordable clinical supervision for counselors in the state of Washington that may be seeking licensure.

silhouette of couple sitting on seashore
silhouette of couple sitting on seashore
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brown concrete building during daytime